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A New Approach to Social Media

XDS manufactures systems that will be installed on printing presses-- simple as that! These systems vary from plate cleaning to curing, and to our most well-known dryers. They accommodate a variety of presses such as flexographic, corrugated, and web, which then print on a variety of substrates. Bottom line is, XDS has their toes in many sub-industries of printing as well as the... Read More!

Night Out for Some Baseball!

In order from right to left: John Bird, Tanya Bird, Sandra Bird, Warren Bird, Nathan Bird On Tuesday, (July 29, 2015) Team XDS welcomed the Bird family of owners for their seasonal summer visit! The day started with coffee and meetings and ended with laughs at the Neuroscience Group Field; the Fox Cities Timber Rattlers hosted a game versus the Peoria Chiefs. The night... Read More!

UV LED Is On Its Way!

The XDS team has been very excited these past months, helping guide UV LED curing systems into the market. Wondering why we’re anxiously awaiting? Because UV LED is a new technology that has a variety of advantages and upgrades from other UV curing systems. These systems have safety advantages, cost benefits, and process improvements—fundamentally everything a business owner could want. Our... Read More!


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