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UV LED Is On Its Way!

UV LED Is On Its Way!

The XDS team has been very excited these past months, helping guide UV LED curing systems into the market. Wondering why we’re anxiously awaiting? Because UV LED is a new technology that has a variety of advantages and upgrades from other UV curing systems. These systems have safety advantages, cost benefits, and process improvements—fundamentally everything a business owner could want.

Our Director of Web and Custom Products, Chuck Irons, has been working with a team of individuals who are discussing the UV LED technology, benefits, and applications of these systems. 

When glancing around their environment, individuals don’t realize the variety of industries and products in which UV technology plays a hand: nail salons, headlights, wooden flooring, magazine covers, etc.. With high speed, low contamination, small space requirements, and environmental benefits, you can probably see why XDS is eager to serve new markets.

Recently, representatives from XDS, Outlook, Retroflex, and other organizations met to talk about the specific performance and installation aspects of a UV LED curing system on a press. From top to bottom, everything was discussed; from warranties to product lifespan, coat quality and cost, cleaning and maintenance, and even opacity.

As we’ve already fulfilled quote requests, the market can expect to see a wave of UV LED technology in the future. We’re thrilled to be involved, and eager to watch its growth.