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A New Approach to Social Media

A New Approach to Social Media

XDS manufactures systems that will be installed on printing presses-- simple as that! These systems vary from plate cleaning to curing, and to our most well-known dryers. They accommodate a variety of presses such as flexographic, corrugated, and web, which then print on a variety of substrates. Bottom line is, XDS has their toes in many sub-industries of printing as well as the manufacturing industry-- all of which aren’t conventionally considered “fun”.

What do we do to bring a little liveliness into our content? Get a little “unconventional”!

We currently have accounts for:




...and of course Blogger!


In the bulk of content on our newsfeed, you can find industry news, product promotions, tradeshow events, and more industry news.

As you previously saw, we’re involved in a lot of industries! That’s a lot of news... And of course we appreciate news: Every business should stay current with market demand, technology, and trends. Yet we decided that our content needed a little brightening.


Including industry-related promotions, news, and events, you can find the following from our social media accounts in the future:

  • #MotivationMonday
    • ​Posting inspirational quotes from our favorite inventors and leaders to bring you a more motivated Monday morning.
  • #TriviaTuesday​
    • Thought-provoking-Thursday? Thinking-Thursday? We like to get those brains moving! Thursday mornings we post a trivia question with multiple choice answers. At the end of the day, the answers are posted along with some background knowledge. If you didn’t know the answer, you do now!
  • #PrintChat hosted by Print Media Center every Wednesday at 4pm Eastern Time​
    • This is a wonderful chat that anyone on Twitter can join! Those that are involved in the printing industry can discuss the theme of the week and answer questions posted by the administrator. You can always find inspiration in this collaborative chat forum!
  • #TherapeuticThursday​
    • Though this may not have to do with any of the industries we’re in, we believe in thinking outside of the box and finding inspiration! You can find pictures of things we believe are therapeutic: cute animals, beautiful landscapes, and more! Unless you’re not into those sort of things...
  • #FunnyFriday​
    • A good laugh to kick off your weekend. No one can resist a good comic strip!

We hope you become motivated, educated, inspired, relaxed, and humored by our unconventional content!


                  Nine Social Media Trends for 2015 Illustration by Maria Fonseca