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Extremely energy efficient
Compact design fits easily on press
Operator control at every station

The efficient irAIR® system designed and manufactured by XDS Holdings, Inc. combines infrared energy and heated air to dry water-based inks and coatings.

  • Operator control for every station

    • Adjust temperature for each ink/coating.
    • Minimize heat absorbed by substrate to help maintain registration.
    • Reduce energy consumption
  • Energy Efficient

    • GX-coated reflectors keep heat on web surface.
  • Compact System

    • IR lamps and fans in one unit. Fits easily on press.
    • Controls require minimum floor space.
  • Quiet

  • Hinged door allows easy access for web thread-up, cleaning, and maintenance.

  • Designed to be adapted for different brands and types of pressures. 


irAIR® system dries at production speeds:

Narrow Web Printing: Flexography, Ink Jet, Digital, Gravure, Lithography, Letterpress, Screen

Water-Based Coatings:  Inks, Varnishes, Re-Moistenable Glues, Adhesives, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives, Latex Coatings, Heat-Seal Coatings

Substrates:  Papers, Films, Foils, Paperboards, Laminates, Other Heat-Sensitive Substrates 


irAIR® compact dryer systems also available for water-based inks & coatings on compact flexo presses.