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Introducing Bob Hershfeld to XDS Holdings, Inc.

Introducing Bob Hershfeld to XDS Holdings, Inc.

Recently, we welcomed Bob Hershfeld to Team XDS as our new Director of Product Development. Bob brings his experience of over 10 years as a mechanical engineer in the printing industry. His focus has been on the development of corrugated flexographic and single-pass inkjet printing machinery as well as retrofit products. He also has significant experience with control and motion system design for machinery. What brought him to XDS was the challenge of bringing new products to market for the web and corrugated industries that are effective, reliable, cutting-edge, and cost effective.

“An exciting part of my job will be expanding [the Company’s] product offerings beyond drying equipment.  I also appreciated that XDS has significant research facilities that enable us to thoroughly develop and test new solutions in-house.”

By leveraging knowledge of the drying process and using equipment to provide solutions to customers, Hershfeld sees opportunity for gaining a competitive advantage with our existing product lines. He plans on implementing growth by leveraging new technologies such as LED systems to develop new product lines and enter new markets with improved performance.

The only challenge he foresees is the ability to provide cutting-edge solutions for our customers that out-perform the competition yet are also cost effective.  Expanding into UV and IR drying/curing markets beyond our core in flexographic printing will be a large project for our team of engineers.  When asked about the most valuable thing he has taken from his experience, though, he replied that he best learned “[h]ow to work with fellow employees, suppliers, customers, and the latest technologies to develop solutions that best fit the needs of our customers.”


Welcome, Bob!

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