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Inter-Station Dryer System

Inter-Station Dryer System

Increase in productivity
Increase in quality of product
Expands the capability of operations
Low maintenance, high flexibility
Ease of operation

Interchangeable Cassettes

Benefits of Infrared (IR) Drying:

Maximized Productivity

  • High-speed printing, converting, and finishing in a single pass
  • Improved ink on-press stability

Optimized Quality

  • Improved color quality through dry trapping
  • Minimized (or eliminated) tracking, marking, smearing and ghosting
  • Significant reduction of waste

All That + Safety

  • Sentinel
    • Automatic sheet detection system
  • VisionMasterâ„¢
    • In-press dryer inspection & monitoring system

Application of UV over-varnish provides:

  • Maximized gloss levels

  • Full print protection

  • Extremely high scuff & rub resistance

  • Increased water resistance &  box strength

  • Considerable reduction of waste

Infrared Drying benefits:

  • Significant increases in productivity- Increases of 300% have been recorded

  • Multi-color printing, varnishing, and die-cutting in a single pass

  • Trapping of color-on-color in line

  • Minimized if not elimination of ghosting

  • Superb finish quality adds luster and protection

Simply turn the latch and lift the cassettes out for easy cleaning and maintenance.